Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Today sweet pea, you would have turned 14.

With broken hearts and many tears we wish you a happy, heavenly birthday.

Taken last year - January 31, 2017
You lived to be 13 years, 10 months and 1 day old
The BEST day ever! The day you and I met and fell in love. March 19, 2004. You were 1 month & 19 days old.

Sadly, the last picture I took of you. November 23, 2017. You were 13 years, 9 months & 23 days old.
We know that Grandma and G-Pa Bob are throwing you a glorious birthday party today. Your best furend Freeda will be there to celebrate with you, also your boyfurend Uncle Buddy and many other furends of yours who are at The Bridge.
Best Friend Freeda

Uncle Buddy

Our sweet girl on her 1st Birthday (2005)
I still have her birthday hat (above) and Lily has worn it every birthday for 13 years.

We wish you were still here with us Lily Belle to celebrate. Lord how our hearts hurt.
Hugs forever,
Mommy, Daddy and Muffin

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Happy 13th

Happy 13th Barkday to our beautiful little Miss Muffin.

We love this little girl so very much!
Angel Lily, Mommy Kim & Daddy Rolf

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Bah Humbug

Sorry to say, we really are not in the mood for Christmas. It's been a very tough few months, especially losing our sweet Lily Belle only 3 weeks ago. I know it takes time to heal from such a great loss, but it feels like the pain will never end. We are sad. We are angry. We are so heartbroken! Christmas was her favorite holiday. Oh how she loved to unwrap all the presents and open all the boxes.

Christmas 2016

Just how do we get through all of it this time. She brought such light, love and laughter into our lives. We try to talk about all the good times of loving Lily, but it brings so many tears. I saw this beautiful saying this morning.....

Every time the grief steals my breath,
I remind myself the love was worth the pain.
Oh, was it worth it!

It just made me cry more.

Rolf has been in and out of the emergency room the past 3 days. He has a massive nose bleed that is not being controlled. Yesterday they packed his nose with new clotting medicine and an inflatable device. Today we have to go back and have the packing removed. It's not working! He's still bleeding on and off. Massive bleeding. They said we have to call the specialist on Tuesday and get him in to be cauterized. Why can't they do that in the hospital! Nope, they won't! Health care today sucks.

Muffin still coughs from her heart failure. I've been mixing her 3 pills into her food and so far as long as the food is stinky, she'll eat it. We are praying hard for her as we can't bear another loss in our lives.

Rolf, Muffin and I thank you all for the love and support. We've received more sympathy cards (and loving memorial gifts and flowers) than Christmas cards this year. And you know what....That's OK. Everyone loved Lily Belle. She was such a sweet soul.

We never did finish sending out all our Christmas cards this year. They still sit here on my desk.

While we are just not in the spirit, we truly do wish all our Blogging family a very merry and blessed holiday.

Kim, Rolf & Muffin

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Shattered Hearts

Those we have held in our arms for a little while,
we hold in our hearts forever...

Our precious, sweet Lily Belle is home.

We pray she is resting gently with her beloved Grandma and G-Pa Bob in Heaven.


Friday, December 1, 2017


Lily Belle Paschedag

January 31, 2004 - December 1, 2017

We so need your prayers.....

We really need our friends prayers right now.

Lily is currently in the ICU in an oxygen tent and really needs your prayers.

You see, Muffin was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with heart failure. She has been coughing on and off and had her checked out. She is on 3 different types of medicine for it and is doing well. While at her follow up appointment this morning, we were sitting in the waiting room and Lily went into respiratory distress. They took her and immediately put her in the oxygen tent. The x-rays (who they e-mailed to their specialist) revealed Lily is also in heart failure with lot's of fluid around her heart. Also saw her liver is twice the size it should be. They are starting Lily on heart med's also immediately. Lily never exhibited any warning signs like Muffin did with her coughing. Lily will also need an Echocardiogram within the next week or two. They think there may also be a problem with her pulmonary vein. Needless to say we are freaking out. Our poor girl couldn't breathe. Thank the good Lord we were at the vet's when this happened.

Lily will remain in the oxygen tent for as long as needed. We are praying the med's start helping her quickly. Our hearts are hurting so bad right now. The two of them as you know, are our much loved kids. We want many more years with these two.

And to add to all this stress.....

I was hospitalized in October with an acute diverticulitis attack. Never had this happen before. They did a repeat C-Scan a few weeks ago and discovered masses on my kidney and on my adrenal glands. I will be having an MRI next Thursday. The hospital has also billed me $40,000 for my 4 day stay. Wonderful health care system we have!

And, we've not even attempted to repair any of the damages from the hurricane yet.

Just can't handle any more of this bad stuff.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We Survived Hurricane Irma

It was sure a dark and scary night when Hurricane Irma rolled right through our town. We were all hiding in our hurricane shelter (aka the walk in master closet.)

Mommy had everything set up in there perfectly (well, except for having to be in our crate for safety reasons which I, Lily Belle, did NOT like one bit!)

There was no way Mommy was taking out all of her clothes. She said if the roof came down all her clothes would help protect us.

We listened to the emergency weather radio to track where the storm was. It was a crank up radio which worked well. The closet tho was very hot with no air moving around.

First we had some tornados come visit our immediate area. That's what took out the power. Then Irma hit our little town at 12:54 am. None of us were happy with the noise she was making. It was really creepy and even Daddy was quite nervous. Mommy hung on to our crate for dear life. Daddy hung on to Mommy. Jesus held us all.

It was an experience one does not forget!

Irma stayed well until morning light. When we went out early morning to potty, We were hooked to harnesses and leashes. The winds were 75mph and we were not going to use any pee-pads either!

We lost lot's of branches, plants and trees. We had our 5 back living room windows all pouring in water which went down the walls and onto the carpet. Lost 4 window screens. Kitchen window frame shifted and now have a 1/2" gap to the outside. Driveway lights broke and damaged from debris flying around. Front door frame shifted and gap also to the outside. Had to toss all our food in both refrigerators out. And...that's just some of the damage!

But we survived and compared to many, we are in good shape. We are BLESSED. Our hearts break for everyone who suffered.

We were able to find a place 2 days after the storm that had power and we rented it and moved there for now. We tried to stay in our house but being Florida and still hot here, we were all getting sick from the 91 degree temp inside the house.

Our entire sleeply little town was deserted. No one had power. Nothing open around here at all. No gas, no water, no stores..... Thank goodness for FEMA setting up a emergency distribution station here. We were able to get bottled water from them along with some food.

Our house finally got power back on after 6 days. Some parts of our community are still without. Trust me when I say, the Linemen from all over are working really hard. God bless them all!

Mommy immediately filed a claim with our insurance company. On Saturday Rusty came out to dry out the carpet and walls. He peeled back the wet & stinky carpet, cut holes in our walls and put in 2 really loud fans.

The insurance adjustor came today and went through all the damages with Mommy. He said, now it's just a waiting game. He had no idea how long it would be before we hear back from them.

We're all crabby and tired. Plus they started up the work on the kitchen again. Mommy is pulling her hair out and will be bald shortly.

About the only thing Mommy can find around here is our dog food and treats. Life is good!

Lily Belle

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hurricane Irma

We are as prepared as we can be for Hurricane Irma. We will start sheltering ourselves in the hallway then move to the closet when the worst comes thru here in Central Florida. We already have high winds, some rain and very dark skies. We are under a tornado watch right now.

Talk about timing.... Tuesday we started a complete kitchen remodel. Thanks to my very generous friend Lucille who passed away in May. She arranged before passing to have our entire kitchen remodeled. We have only a refridge in there. Good thing is, we have been stocking up for a while now with canned goods and propane for our grill.

Lily doesn't like change and has been freaking out because we have the entire kitchen contents all over the house. Because of the storm, we had to move stuff back into the empty kitchen to make room for packing up house contents for the storm. I know Muffin will sleep the majority of the time. It is supposed to hit around 2am Sunday/Monday. Muffin is very hard of hearing and won't hear a thing. Plus, she's a good sleeper. Lily will be very unhappy in the crate (and we will give her some sedation.)

We have come to some conclusions.....
Our house needs dusting!
Prepping for a hurricane is a nightmare!
No one is happy here.
I can finally say "shit's about to hit the fan!" (And mean it this time.)

We pray and pray hard that the house holds up well and doesn't disappoint us. It was built in the early 80's so we have been saying extra prayers. Worst case, will evacuate to our local shelter. As of now we're supposed to get hit hard.

We will do our best to keep family and friends updated throughout the storm via Facebook.

Hope everyone in it's path will be safe from harm.

Kim, Rolf, Lily & Muffin

Friday, May 26, 2017


Little did we know that when Mommy went back to work in August for a neighbor who needed help, the evil "C" word would come into play.

This is the story of Lucille.

Lucille had back surgery and we thought the surgery went bad. Lucille had problems walking and was in horrible pain in her right hip. Because she could not take care of herself, the family hired Mommy to take care of her. Mommy would cook, clean, take her to the Dr's & even walk her Labrador dog Joey. Mommy would take her out for lunches and host dinners at our house with her friends. Mommy and Lucille became quick friends. They had a lot in common. And Lucille loved doxies too! It was supposed to be a part time job but became full time very quickly.

In October after having tests done, we received the call that a grapefruit size tumor was found in her abdomen and it ate her entire right hip apart. It was uterine cancer. You see Lucille had uterine cancer 10 years ago and it came back. Mommy and Lucille shuffled off to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for 6 weeks. Then Mommy had to find her an assisted living facility to live in. Mommy had to find her dog Joey a new forever family (bcuz Muffin wouldn't let him come live with us.)

In between the numerous visits to Moffitt, Mommy had to pack up Lucille's entire house and move it all to a storage facility. Mommy supervised all the numerous contractors she hired to fix up the house to get it up for sale. Mommy had to sell her car.

Many surgeries, blood clots, stents and tests were done. Mommy was there with Lucille all the way.

Last Monday while talking to Mommy and holding her hand, Lucille slipped into a coma. Lucille was in transition. Mommy spent just about the entire week, day and night with Lucille. Mommy held her hand tight and talked to her continuously.

On early Sunday morning, Lucille left for her journey Home.

Lucille was a cancer warrior! She battled with grace, dignity and courage. She was 68.

On the way, she stopped at the Rainbow Bridge to gather her pack who was anxiously awaiting for their Mama. She is now dancing in heaven with her beloved husband Bob and I'm sure chatting up a storm with her sister Clair.

Mommy said we have to remember Lucille with love in our hearts. Remember the fun we provided her during the rough times. Remember the love she had for all of us. She gave us great head scratches too!

Mommy misses her "little bird" as she lovingly called Lucille. A complete stranger who entered her life 9 months ago and left as family.

Mommy has been working hard getting Lucille's affairs all in order for the family. They are from Canada. Mommy is waiting their arrival at our door any minute. It will be a very busy weekend for all of us. They will be cleaning out Lucille's storage facility and Mommy is hosting a memorial at our house on Sunday. Lucille always loved Mommy's strength and her ability to get any job done.

Mommy looked up at the heavens last night and told Lucille "we're doing ok."

Life changes quickly friends! Love them all while they are still here.

Lily Belle

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


We're still here!
Lily Belle & Muffin

Saturday, December 31, 2016

You gotta see this!

Many of you may remember the very special mailbox that Mommy and her brother Bob made for G-Ma & G-Pa Bob many, many years ago (like 9 years). Think we've posted a picture of it before on our blog.

Well, Bob thought little Muffin might have been getting a swelled head having her very own fancy pants mail box out front. So, this is what he made Mommy for Christmas this year.....

Mommy is so thrilled! She can't wait to put it out front. (We had to take down the Muffin one a while back because the paws rotted from the sprinklers and the sun. Mommy is going to repair it and put it out back in the garden.)
We all had a beautiful Christmas!
Wishing all our furends a safe, happy and healthy New Year.
Lily Belle & Muffin


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Muffin

Yesterday we celebrated Miss Muffin's 12th birthday.

Happy Birthday to my frosty face little love bug.
Mommy Kim


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

One of our own

He was one of us. A beautiful and beloved boy named Easy. It's never easy on the heart when we lose one of our own. He was our furend. He was way too young to go to the Bridge.

Today his devastated family brings him home.

Easy, we are here to help light the way home for you.

 Our candle shines bright in Florida to help guide your way. Always in our hearts.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Blessings

Wishing all our furends and family a very Merry Christmas!
Lily Belle, Muffin, Kim & Rolf
(Yes, Mommy used an old picture of us)

Sunday, September 4, 2016

1 Year Down

It's so hard for us to believe that today marks 1 year since we pulled into the Florida driveway and said "we're home."

While it's been a tough year for us, we have turned this house into a HOME. Home is where the heart is, and our hearts are truly here to stay.

Lily and Muffin are doing well (except for Lily's skin condition.) They love this house too. Lot's of outdoor time in the sunshine, running around inside, chasing each other all over the place and they love laying in the big window where they can see all the critters outside.

Rolf and I have been busy. New washer & dryer, new roof, new A/C, new locks on the doors, (next week will be new garage door opener bcuz it died yesterday,) new plantings, peeling wallpaper, painting inside and now working on painting the outside too. While one is never happy with the expense, that's what happens with an older home.

I am now working part time taking care of a neighbor here. I go to work in the golf cart and dress in shorts. The perfect job right now for me. While the caregiving aspect brings back many memories, I am happy to be helping someone in need. Oh, and this lady has a D-O-G! His name is Joey and he's a beautiful black lab. He's a mushy love bug. Some day I'll introduce him to Lily and Muffin.

We're sorry we're not around much but all the above has taken up so much time. But in the end, all this time spent has once again turned G-Ma & G-Pa Bobs house into a HOME. It's a home where we are all loved.


Thursday, July 21, 2016


I've got some boo-boo's! I've got 2 teeth that are causing me BIG problems. One on each side of my mouth. They will be pulled out next Wednesday. I've already made 2 trips to the Vet's in 2 days. I was very bad and refused to take my antibiotics for the infection. Mommy took me back and they gave me the big needle in the butt instead. I nipped at the Tech. She was dumb. My face is swollen and you can see I don't feel good. She put her face too close to mine. Guess she needs to be retrained!
Mommy is nervous about the surgery. When I had a tooth pulled 3 years ago, I had lot's of complications. It cost twice the price as normal because I had to have 5 x-rays on the one tooth. It kept breaking and breaking. Then I started to wake up while they were working on me. Then my heart rate drastically dropped then stopped. I pulled through. But it was rough going. Guess Mommy is allowed to be nervous.
Last week was very busy here. We had to have a new roof put on. It was LOUD and Lily and I didn't like it one bit. It took 2, 11 hour days to complete the work. Now that it's done, it really looks nice.
We get a new living room air conditioner installed next week. Not that we wanted to spend the money mind you, but this one broke and can't be repaired. It's too old. It will be nice when the living room, dining room & kitchen are cool again. With the hot, hot weather we've been having, it's pretty dang warm in this part of the house.

Lily has been having some flare-up's on her skin again. Good thing we had a follow up appointment already scheduled with the dermatologist. She is back to getting baths 3 times a week. Plus she got some new spray for her skin. Hopefully it will clear again. She was doing really, really great! Dr. said that we may have to test for Cushings Disease if it doesn't go away.

Mommy has applied for some jobs she found on the internet. But no phone calls back yet. We think the biggest problem is No Habla Espanol! She can buy a beer, get to the bathroom and say HBO words in Spanish. But that's about it.

That's it in a nut-shell here. Just gonna sit on the couch with my swollen face and pass out from the pain med's again today. Oh happy day!


Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I can't even believe it has been 525,600 minutes since you left us. That's a whole year already and yet it feels like just yesterday at times. I miss you so much Dad and my heart still hurts terribly.

Obviously, it was your time to go, but I was not ready. I thought we would have had much more time together. More time to have fun. More time to talk. More time to laugh. More time to love. More time to be your daughter in life, not in death. I was not ready to throw myself on my sword. Like so many others, I just wanted more time! Believe me, I get it. We don't get to choose. And personally, I think that sucks!

I thank God every single day that HE chose YOU to be my Dad. For that I am blessed.

I love you Pop. Oh how I wish you could hear me tell you that one more time.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

23 and she hasn't killed him yet!

Muffin and I wanted to wish a happy 23rd Anniversary to our pawsome parents. We love you two!

And in case you wonder, they still look at each other like that all the time.

Lily Belle

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A day for our Pop's

Happy Father's Day to the BEST Dad's.

Oh how we miss you G-Pa Bob

We love our Pop!

It's our first Father's Day without our G-Pa Bob here with us. We know you are with us in spirit, but it's not the same as having you HERE.  We love and miss you every day. We will try to smile today while thinking of you. But.... we know our tears will still flow.

Muffin and I are gonna share our bones with our Pop today. We will give him lot's of licks too. We will even let him snuggle with us and take a nap. That's what love is all about.

Happy Father's day to all our friends and Dog Dad's.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Monday, June 13, 2016

Bittersweet Day

Today, we officially say goodbye to our New York house. As of this afternoon, you are no longer ours.

It's hard to believe that 9 months ago we walked out our door knowing that we would not be back.

You served us very well Mr. House. We spent 8+ years there with you. Under that roof was a lot of love and a lot of memories.

You gave us great sun-puddles

And provided us all with a safe haven.

We pray that inside your walls, the new owners find only love and happy times.

May the beautiful deer and birds come out to greet you and to welcome you home.

Today, I shed many tears. It is a bittersweet day indeed.